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You want to own your dream home in Costa Rica
But your funds are "locked away" beyond reach!
Clients often tell us that they want to buy property in Costa Rica but their money is locked up in an IRA, 401k, RRSP (Canada), pension, home, investment property, business, etc. etc....... Did you know that there are a range of tax compliant options that allow clients to release funds from these structures?
You could release the funds to allow the purchase of your dream home in Costa Rica now.
IRA / 401k
funds can be placed in a self directed  fund and used  for property purchase in Costa Rica
RRSP (Canada)
Using equity in real estate, a mortgage can be created to release  funds from your RRSP
Do you have a business with good cash flow and want to take out a lump sum to  invest in your home in Costa Rica. We have access to  innovative financial products which can help
Real Estate
Mortgage, re-mortgage,  property  swaps,  owner  financing  are just some of the solutions available.
We have access to  financial  products through large international banks allowing the release of lump sums from your pension
Cars, boats, heavy machinery
We have set up successful trades of cars, boats and heavy machinery for property  in Costa Rica
You only live once, release those funds and enjoy life now